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DIY Petshop Style Filter Foam

posted Mar 23, 2012, 9:29 AM by Gerry   [ updated Mar 23, 2012, 9:32 AM ]

Petshop Style DIY Filter Foam

For fun I made my own simple filter foam for my fry tank,  basic instruction are below.


·         1pc - 6” inch long threaded 1” diameter PVC pipe

·         1pc – PVC Threaded Elbow connector

·         1pc -  PVC Threaded cap

·         1pc – Balloon stick

·         1pc – Sponge Foam


1.       PVC Pipe preparation: Make holes on the PVC pipe as desired using a drill or heated concrete nail, if using drill make a small hole first using a heated nail as guide and drill all the way to the other side.

2.       PVC Elbow preparation:  Using a drill make a hole from the inside of the elbow for the balloon stick.

3.       Balloon preparation : Cut the hollow stick at about 8” long.

4.       Sponge Foam preparation :  Using a small knife cut a hole to insert the PVC pipe inside the foam.

5.       Assemble the PVC pipe with the elbow and PCV cap.

6.       Insert the balloon stick inside the  elbow hole.

7.       To fasten your DIY filter you may need to add some suction cups to the filter or weight it down.

Total Cost:

·         1pc - PVC pipe –About  P20 from ACE Hardware

·         1pc   Elbow connector – About  P20 from ACE Hardware

·         1pc - PVC cap – About  P20 from ACE Hardware

·         1pc – Balloon stick – FREE from my Kid

·         1pc – Sponge Foam – P5 from Sari-Sari store

Total cost for each filter is around 65 pesos, I made 3 sets for my purpose.