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Climbing Mt. Pico de loro (Feb. 25, 2012)

posted Mar 9, 2012, 9:03 AM by Gerry   [ updated Mar 9, 2012, 9:29 AM ]

This was PLOK's first climb of the year for 2012, PLOK by the way stand for "Pusoy League Of Klibers", we actually play Poker but since it not that easy to bring a poker set at the summit we just play pusoy on all our adventures, the rest of the story about the name is a secret.

Java Climbers were;

  • Gerryjun abaluna
  • Romulo Jr & Angel Del Cruz
  • JB Suratos
  • Lem Garcia
  • Darryle De Guzman

About Pico de Loro:

    Pico de Loro. It is located in both Cavite and Batangas Province with an elevation of around 664 meters above sea level. It is accessible from Ternate Cavite, or Nasugbu Batangas. The trek is considered  “Easy”.

    Mt. Pico de Loro was supposedly named after this rock, any semblance to a Loro or Parrot escapes me.

    The tower of a rock is also the final challenge of the climb, as daunting as it may look it possible to climb with mere hands and no ropes.

    Jump of from manila was 6am, we arrived at the base camp at about 9am and quickly stated our accent hoping to get back at about 1-2pm, about 30 minutes to out climb we arrived at care takers hut and rest area before we accent further, its also a good place to get some snack and drinks before heading on. Take not that here is also were you need to pay 20 Pesos per person to move forward.


    Its hard to get lost on your way up, with plenty of markers to keep you on track to the summit, just look for red ribbons tied to branches.

    The track was for the most part under medium forest canopy, with large rocky boulders, bamboo, and fallen trees as obstacle.

After about an 2hrs of forest cover climb, you will reach the camp site for the final accent to the summit where you can view the Pico De Loro rock and climb it.

The camp site is also the recommended place to set up camp for those that plan to stay over night or rest before going any further.

The final climb from here on, the forest gives way to shrubs and grass with very little cover from the heat of the sun.

  View from the top was spectacular and well worth the effort;

 View from camp site.
 Nasugbu Bay
Pico De Loro rock

Notable highlight

Road kill? nah the only casually of the day was his torn shorts.

Some guy took time and effort to carve this out, might as well play with it.

Keep on Ploking!!